Making the Modern Tomato

Making the Modern Tomato By Annika Peterson For many Midwesterners, devouring delicious tomatoes that ripen near the end of the summer is a highlight of the year. There are endless ways to enjoy summer’s bounty, from elaborate dishes to just some salt and pepper embellishment. [...]

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Tired of Being Tired?

Tired of Being Tired? By Teja Karimikonda They say that eight hours of sleep each night is the commonly accepted parameter of a good night’s sleep; however, most students would agree that this statement is more of a dream than a reality. Many students stay [...]

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Nanoparticles: small particles; big potential

Nanoparticles: small particles; big potential By Meng Lou The apple has classically served as an embodiment of health and prosperity. Many wonder why the Greek Goddesses Hera, Athena, and Aphrodite fought so tenaciously over such a token? However, where there is a virtue there is [...]

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The Science Behind Gender Identity

The Science Behind Gender Identity By Alina Dillahunt Recently, U.S. politicians in 16 states have proposed bills governing which bathroom transgender individuals are allowed to use. All attempted bills have failed and been met with great opposition. North Carolina’s legislature managed to pass a piece [...]

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Ancient DNA

Ancient DNA By Evan Cory As part of the International Steenbock Lecture Series, the University of Wisconsin-Madison hosted world renowned researcher Svante Pääbo (sv-AH-nte p-AY-b-oh) in December 2016. To place Pääbo into an academic niche proves difficult — he is a world leader in the [...]

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The Fate of Bacon: Will Its Link to Cancer Cause Its Doom?

The Fate of Bacon: Will Its Link to Cancer Cause Its Doom? By Bailey Spiegelberg For some, the thought of having to eat breakfast on Saturdays without bacon is unbearable. However, this is the decision that mankind thought it would have to face when the [...]

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Apoptosis: Degradation in Preventing Death

Apoptosis: Degradation in Preventing Death By Meng Lou The commitment of a cell to apoptotic programmed cell death is as essential as it is irreversible – too much of which has been linked to neurodegradation and dysfunction; too little, an accumulation of mutant cells, transmission of [...]

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Personalized Medicine: Printing your own Future

Personalized medicine: Printing your own Future By Madelyn Goedland and Meng Lou If you were to go to the hospital today for an illness, you would likely receive the same medical treatment as another individual with a similar ailment even though that individual may vary in age, [...]

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Beam Me Up, Scotty

Beam Me Up, Scotty By Rose Walters Over the course of the 20th and 21st centuries, few technological advancements have captivated the science fiction imagination as much as teleportation. While far from achieving the capability of Captain Kirk’s transporter, quantum teleportation stands to have a [...]

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