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Meng LouManaging Editor
Meng (pronounced like “mango” without the ‘o’) is a rising senior graduating in the spring of 2018. Currently majoring in biochemistry and computer sciences, Meng has a passion in conducting research as well as scientific outreach. His interests are focused on cancer metabolic, development, and metastasis, utilizing cutting-edge gene editing tools and optogenetics. When he’s not doing research or academics, he enjoys investing his time in classical music and thrill-seeking activities such as snowboarding, water-skiing, and sky-diving.

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1412, 2017

Nanoparticles: small particles; big potential

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Nanoparticles: small particles; big potential By Meng Lou The apple has classically served as an embodiment of health and prosperity. Many wonder why the Greek [...]

105, 2017

Personalized Medicine: Printing your own Future

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Personalized medicine: Printing your own Future By Madelyn Goedland and Meng Lou If you were to go to the hospital today for an illness, you would likely [...]

2204, 2016


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It’s rare for a student organization to achieve international success. It’s even rarer for such an organization to be primarily composed of undergraduates. However, on our very own campus at UW-Madison, one group has [...]