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Nanoparticles: small particles; big potential

Nanoparticles: small particles; big potential By Meng Lou The apple has classically served as an embodiment of health and prosperity. Many wonder why the Greek Goddesses Hera, Athena, and Aphrodite fought so tenaciously over such a token? However, where there is a virtue there is [...]

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Apoptosis: Degradation in Preventing Death

Apoptosis: Degradation in Preventing Death By Meng Lou The commitment of a cell to apoptotic programmed cell death is as essential as it is irreversible – too much of which has been linked to neurodegradation and dysfunction; too little, an accumulation of mutant cells, transmission of [...]

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Personalized Medicine: Printing your own Future

Personalized medicine: Printing your own Future By Madelyn Goedland and Meng Lou If you were to go to the hospital today for an illness, you would likely receive the same medical treatment as another individual with a similar ailment even though that individual may vary in age, [...]

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It’s rare for a student organization to achieve international success. It’s even rarer for such an organization to be primarily composed of undergraduates. However, on our very own campus at UW-Madison, one group has attained that rarer than rare status—the UW BadgerLoop. Fueled by their passion for innovation, BadgerLoop was founded in response to [...]

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