Annika Peterson

Discovering the Next Green Revolution

Discovering the Next Green Revolution By Annika Peterson There are more people today living and eating on Earth than ever before. Farmers produce food to feed us through feats of science and innovation. This could not happen without the invention of synthetic nitrogen fertilizers. Crops [...]

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The Importance of Citizen Science

The Importance of Citizen Science By Annika Peterson When you picture scientific research, images of scientists in lab coats, bubbling beakers and high-tech lab equipment may come to mind. However, researchers are now conducting investigations using some methods you may not expect. While scientific discovery [...]

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Making the Modern Tomato

Making the Modern Tomato By Annika Peterson For many Midwesterners, devouring delicious tomatoes that ripen near the end of the summer is a highlight of the year. There are endless ways to enjoy summer’s bounty, from elaborate dishes to just some salt and pepper embellishment. [...]

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